Change from within and observe your life transform.


How are you doing in your relationships?

Do you know what is missing for you to feel closeness, deep meaning, love and happiness in your relationships?

Have you stormed into a new passionate relationship, only to discover that it became very similar to the previous relationship you had?

Or maybe you have started a new job with new co-workers where you expectantly hope to feel seen, part of the gang and needed, but after a month or so it feels just like the previous job.
Unseen, lonely and overworked?

Maybe there are old emotional misconceptions about relationships buried within you, created at an early age and very difficult to grasp. These emotional misconceptions are repeated from your subconscious, whether you like it or not and they stop you from creating meaningful relationships and feeling the love you deserve.

By following the feeling, finding the misconception and restructuring it, your subconscious will send you new signals. This awareness allows you to create exactly the relationship you want, both privately, in working life and with friends.

It does not happen because I say so, but because you really choose to change and that is why the change becomes lasting.

How can I be so sure of this? Because I have also previously created insecure, relationships where I have been unseen and not felt love for me.

I have been the excellent worker only to be seen, with the effect of being burned out. I was helped to find my repeated emotional patterns and restructured them and can now feel whole inside.

That’s why I know I can help you do the same.

What would it worth to you to find the one you can love and who loves you back?

How much value do you place in being able to improve all your relationships and live a harmonious, meaningful, happy life?

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Hipno-Meditation is a new technique that has a deepening effect of the messages in meditation.

Each Hipno-Meditation is composed of an hypnos induction and an analytical meditation inspired from the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist book “How to meditate” by Kathleen Mc Donald a Tibetan nun.

Hipno-Meditation on Equanimity


Hipno-Meditation on Impermanence.

It is recomendedto do the Hipno-Meditations 3 times per week to get the best benefit.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a self-help therapy, it focuses on your subconscious mind that is dynamic and powerful. The result is greater well-being and self-awareness of what you can do today, to live the life you want tomorrow.

I lead professional sessions of traditional hypnotherapy and Eriksonian.  I follow the rules and ethical guidelines of the renowned international organization of NGH “National Guild of Hypnotists “. This means that you can feel safe in your session, since I work under strict confidentiality, what is said here stays here.

Just like everyone else you have probably seen entertainment programs with hypnosis, which may or may not seem a bit frightening, since it seems like the hypnotherapist can do anything with the people involved in the program. I don’t know to what extend you believe this to be true, but with this information sheet I like to tell you how it really works.

Hypnosis is a natural condition in which you find yourself several times during the day. You will start to discover what all people have discovered, that just before falling asleep and before getting up you are in a natural hypnosis. You will also become aware that when you are watching a movie or reading a book you engage yourself with your internal scenario in a dreamlike way, just as you naturally lose track of time when you go by bus or car and you wonder how you got home. This is all hypnosis, it is easy, natural and all you need to do is to let it happen.

The conscious mind

The conscious mind is like the working memory on a computer. I would like to say that it is the weakest mind and it is always late. The conscious mind is used to analyze, rationalize and remember information like phone number, names, formulas etc. I don’t know how much you think you use this mind, but people in general only use 5% in the day, this is because it is slow, and it comes 6 seconds late after the subconscious mind. In a classic situation the conscious mind strengthens, rationalize and evaluate your feelings, good or bad to try to stay in control.

The subconscious mind

The sub-conscious mind is like the memory of a computer’s hard drive. This is where everything is stored since birth, all emotions, behaviors, reactions and knowledge learned during the life time. It is incredibly fast, and 95% of all reactions come from the subconscious mind. It cannot differentiate between what is reality or imagination, it can’t distinguish nor evaluate, it only performs learned patterns and follows work orders. It works as a protector for emotional memories that are blocked and frozen. This explains the learning of a behavior or emotion that has gone wrong from the beginning, the subconscious mind repeats itself as a pattern.

Now hypnosis enters in the scene. I don’t know if you tried to reprogram your subconscious mind before to let go of old patterns. Perhaps you succeeded or maybe your old patterns came back, not because you didn’t want to change but because these patterns are so deeply rooted into your subconscious mind. When you choose to reprogram your mind thorough hypnosis it will take you deep into yourself and the deeper you allow yourself to go the easier it is to release these patterns and, in this way, you will feel whole again from inside.

I wonder if you will allow yourself to feel the hypnotic deep mental relaxation with childish role-play inside yourself, where the roles are not important only the emotional energy that they release.

“What is programmed with a child’s mind must be un-programmed with the same child’s mind”

How are you doing in your relationships?

You will have your own experiance

The subconscious mind is very powerful, and hypnosis can be used to solve problems within few a sessions. I don’t know how many sessions you need, but if you are like most people you can release anything from blocked, frozen emotions, behavioral patterns, such as all types of phobias and depressions in a very short time. Perhaps you need 3-4 sessions. I always recommend at least 3 sessions.

Allowing yourself to be in a hypnotic state, requires your complete cooperation and availability, freeing yourself from all rational thoughts. It’s all about letting the experiences come to you.

When you follow my instructions, you will discover what all people have discovered, you have complete control, and you will never do anything against your own will. You are awake during the whole session and you will know what is going on.

You will experience it your own way, which feels right for you. The important thing is that you let the experiences come to you. You could say it’s like a movie that is playing inside you. Let the film roll and enter the experience of hypnosis, since the more you enter the experience, the more experience you will have.

These are the common situations I work with:

Emotional regressions


Anxiety and fear


Obsessive compulsive disorder

This is how your online session works.

This is how your online session works.

-We set the date and time for your session.

-I will send you a Pre-session information collection form with some personal questions and a consent form. This is sent and answered via e-mail and I like it back at the latest 2 days before our session.

-You deposit the payment.

-The hypnosis session takes approximately 1.5 hours.

-Cancellation: 100% refund until 24 hours before your session, then full charge will apply.

Your session:

-We connect via Skype, Messenger or What’s app.

-We have a short pre-talk before we start.

-We start with a Hypnos induction.

-Attending your situation.

-Finish with re-programing your subconscious with your own new suggestions.

-Count up and Post-talk.

After the session:

-We will decide a date and time for the follow up second session.

Follow up:

-We stay in contact through writing or talking online once a week on what’s app or messenger, to answer any questions and support you through any changes that occurs until our second session.

-You can voluntary make some comments from the effect of your session in the Facebook group “Hipnosis-Online”.

Package price offer (USD)

FREE personal consultation call through Skype, Whatsapp.

1 session $150 

 3 sessions  $ 360


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Your session with Maria Löfkvist

Your session with Maria Löfkvist

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send it by mail before our session. This is all to make your session as rewarding and meaningful as possible and to make you feel safe with me as your hypnotherapist. I know you will think about your session, and the more you do the more prepared you will be and the better results you will get.

Greetings from

Maria Löfkvist

Relationship coach & Hypnotherapist

SPA Consultant

Registered Nurse

Co-Author of  the book

“Yes, You can! Live your dream”

Massage School Director/Teacher

Reiki Master.

Contact me:

Mexico Cel: +52-999-5454-173

Sweden Cel: +46-0733-104436 – connected to whats app.


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