Get More Money With Changed Beliefs!

1 Introduction About The Course

2 Beliefs About Money

1: What did your dad believe about money?

2: What did your mum believe about money?

3: Who and how was your role model for money?

4: How easily do you think it is to get money? Measure between 0-10

5: What do you believe you have to do to get money?

6: Make a written summary of what believes you are having on money.

3 Explore Self-worth

1: Mirror: How much do you like yourself?

Stand naked in front of a mirror and look at yourself.

Listen to what your mind tells you.

Speak out loud so you can hear what you tell yourself.

Write down every word as is. Measure between 0-10

2: Mirror: How much do you love yourself?

Look deeply into your eyes for 2 minutes.

Speak out loud so you can hear what you tell yourself.

Now Journal all feelings that come up. Measure between 0-10

3: From the prior exercises, which characteristics do you believe you have?

Positive characteristics, Measure between 0-10

Negative characteristics, Measure between 0-10

Readout load your positive and negative characteristics, to vocalize how you perceive yourself.

4: Make a written summary of what believes you are having on your self-worth.

4 Beliefs About Receiving

1: A friend gives you $1000, How do you feel when you receive it?

2: What feelings come up when you lose $1000?

3: How well do you receive? Measure between 0-10

4: How well do you lose? Measure between 0-10

5: Make a written summary of what believes you are having on receiving.

5. Principles In Life

POLARITY & RYTM are two basic principles of life

POLARITY: What is polarity? Everything has its polarity in nature, Positive/Negative, Good/bad, Right/Wrong, Poor/Ritch, Wet/Dry, Solid/Liquid, Love/Hate, Cold/Warm aso.

It is the same energy but to a different degree. You can change the polarity to another degree but you need to analyze and understand which is the polarity to start with.

You can not change Cold to Dry or Wet to Love.
This will help you to become aware of where you are on the polarity scale both mentally and emotionally before you trade.


How is my emotional stability today? 0-10

How is my mental stability today? 0-10

Polarity Line


RHYTHM: What is rhythm? Everything has a rhythm in nature and swings back and forth, like your emotions as well as the flow in the market. Tune in to the rhythm before making your decisions.

Where am I on my swing on polarity?

How is the market swinging today?

What is my intuition telling me today?

Can you feel a flow today?

Polarity Line


Now we will change your beliefs!

6 Change your beliefs

 Feel it and believe it!

1: Go back to and look at all the negative words in your summary you wrote about your beliefs on

2: Find its positive polarity and change each word or phrase into positive polarity.
Contemplate the positive polarity and make it believable for you.


3: Write down the new positive word on the polarity line.
Check where you are on the line. It will show you your beliefs.

Polarity Line


Summary: Starting changing your beliefs.

7 Making Positive Words Become Real

Make your Perfect Day

1: How does a perfect day look like for you?

You have to live this day, every day for the rest of your life.

How would this day be?

Visualize exactly what you want from that you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.

What are you doing?

Where are you?

With whom are you?

How do you feel?

Be as detailed as possible.

2: Bring in all these positive words and phrases into your visualization

How believable is that visualization for you? Measure between 0-10

3: If it is not a “10” then make your visualization different until you feel like it is a 10.

Make it until you FEEL WORTHY of RECEIVING all you have in your visualization.

Summary: Expect the changes to show up,

Hipno Meditation
Making Your Perfect Day

8 Reprogramming your subconscious mind

CREATE YOUR FUTURE The Importance of reprograming the subconscious by repetition.

That’s how marketing works. You are constantly reminded of something and it changes your mind.

Your subconscious can not withstand it and it becomes your reality.

Now you have the tools and you can choose your reality by taking an active part in it and making it happen in the right way for you.

1: Make a vision board
Put it as a lock screen on your phone. To remind yourself all the time of your future.

2: Make your own Audio Affirmation.
Record your perfect day out loud with positive words that will stimulate all your senses.

Use your own words and feel it, see it, hear it, sense it on your skin & body, taste it.

3: Repeat it when you wake up in the morning and before you fall asleep daily for 21 days.

Summary: Repetition makes the master.

9 Expressing Gratitude


Train yourself to ALWAYS

Say thank you! Even the hard things in life come with the gift of learning.

Giving- is receiving. Every time you give out, you show the universe that you are worthy of receiving.

Love and accept what is NOW! Everything changes all the time.

Be happy NOW for what you have.

For who you are NOW

Know it is all changing for the better when you do your work.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you and supporting you on your journey to becoming abundant and prosperous in your life.

If you like to continue your journey with me into a deep dive of awareness in the Course:

Become Your Own Inner Master While Trading!

  • Getting Clear of what you desire, deeper than the material.
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  • Audio Hipno-Meditation: Exploring Thinking verses Feeling.
  • Understanding the influence of your environment and you changing.
  • How your relationships will change through knowing your desire.
  • Real Audio Hypnosis session: Exploring your internal voices
    sabotaging yourself. Forgiving yourself leads to liberation!
  • How to in the QUANTUM FIELD making your unshakable WILL from your DESIRE to
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